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 Petals In The Wind

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Petals In the Wind is our parent company

2 Calla Lily with floating candle
Trumpet vase with 2 calla lilies and crystals.

Rental 19.99 each
3 level bubble bowl
3 level bubble bowls with crystals and roses or carnations in a varies colors.

Rental 24.99 set
Floating Pearls
Floating pearls with floating candle.

Vases combination sizes 6" to 18".

Price varies
Calla Lily and Mini Orchids
32-36" high ball of carnations with mini orchid sprays and calla lilies.

Rental 125.00
Single Roses
14" high glass tumbler with single rose and 9 small mini rose vase around it sitting on a mirror.

Rental 19.99 each set
Mardi Gras 2
Gold bottles with feathers sitting on a black base.

Rental 24.99
Candelabra 1
Mix flowers on candelabra with swinging pearls.

Rental 75.00 each
String lights
String lights in 3 level vases with calla lily.

Rental 19.99 each set
Lite branches
Lite branches with lights

Rental 28.99 each set
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*Centerpieces available for sale in fresh flowers only.